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About Vancouver Clinic

Company Overview

The story of movement is the story of life itself. The smallest movements serve as the markers by which we measure growth, development and change, First steps. First smile. The moment a child?s mouth curls into first words. We record them, chart them, share movements and measures with doctors, family and friends. Life continues to proceed this way. We track young dancer?s movements at her first recital. We count the miles between us and loved ones when they move away. When an old friend suffers a severe injury, we return once again logging the smallest movements ? the bend of a finger, the twitch of a toe ? as we follow his recovery.

When people and minds come together, things move in new directions. In the mid 1030?s two friends, both of whom were doctors, met to share a meal and an idea. Both men were doing well, and they?d traded enough referrals back and forth over time that they joked about going into practice together. ?Move things along,? one said to the other, and both men needed their heads.

The casual idea stuck with both of them. What would happen, they wondered, if they really did ?move things along?? They decided to follow the idea, and soon began sharing an office downtown. In less than three years, two more doctors joined them, and by 1940 they had the makings of a community medical clinic, one of the area?s first.
When it came to naming the practice, they wanted it to reflect the population the served, many of whom were the children and grandchildren of the areas timber industry, fishermen, carpenters, and millworkers. After a few tries, they settled on something they knew would move well into the future.

They called it The Vancouver Clinic.

Our Mission Statement

Caring for People is our first priority. As an alliance of health care professionals, we are committed to continuing our tradition of providing high quality, cost-effective medical care four our patients and their families.
We will respond to the health needs of our patients in a caring and timely matter. Through education, we will help them share responsibility for their own wellness. We will respect patient confidentiality in all matters.
As a physician-owned and governed group, we are dedicated to building a stimulating practice setting based upon teamwork and mutual respect within our organization. In as much as each person is an essential member of the group, we will encourage and recognize individual effort. We will foster an environment where quality of life will remain a high priority.

As members of the community, we are committed to public service and to sharing our medical expertise. We will maintain a prominent role working with community leaders to provide care for individuals with financial and other special needs.
Specialties of The Vancouver Clinic

Allergy/Immunology | Audiology | Breast care | Cardiology | Dermatology | ENT | Endocrinology | Family medicine | General Surgery | Gastroenterology | Hematology | Hospital Medicine | Infectious Disease | Infusion | Internal Medicine | Internal Medicine/Pediatrics | Maternal Fetal Medicine | Nephrology | OB/GYN | Oncology | Ophthalmology | Orthopedics | Pain Medicine | Palliative Care | Pathology | Pediatrics | Physical therapy | Podiatry | Pulmonology/Critical Care | Radiology | Rheumatology | Sleep Medicine | Sports medicine | Urgent Care | Urology


Vancouver, Washington sits on the north bank of the Columbia River, directly across from Portland, Oregon. The Pacific Coast is less than 90 miles to the west. The Cascade Mountain Range rises on the east. Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and Mt. Hood are less than two hours away. The spectacular Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area lies 30 minutes to the east. Vancouver combines the excitement of a major metropolitan area with small-town charm and abundant recreational opportunities. This is an excellent place to raise a family with exceptional schools and a multitude of children?s activities available.

Vancouver enjoys mild weather with less average rainfall than Boston, Washington D.C. or Atlanta. Seasons are distinct. Summer temperatures generally climb into the 80?s and winter temperatures rarely fall below 30 degrees. Our moderate climate results in lush forests and abundant foliage.

Clinic Culture

From the Clinic?s earliest days, it has had two main focuses: achieving the highest possible excellence in patient care, and creating a working environment that is supportive, productive, and enjoyable for all providers and staff.
Providers collegiality was lively in the Clinic?s first decades. Physicians freely shared their expertise with colleagues at work and also shared knowledge and friendship outside of work. The tradition continues today. Beyond a formal mentoring program, new providers can expect a gracious welcome and active support from all members of their department.
With strong collegial relationships in the department and a chance to participate in clinic governance from the first day, providers quickly become integrated in the life of The Vancouver Clinic.
The Vancouver Clinic is also keenly aware of the community in which we serve. Throughout the years the Clinic?s founders and many of the Clinic?s providers have been among the areas strongest leaders in medicine.


The Vancouver Clinic is a physician-owned, physician-driven, multi-specialty clinic. Our tradition of self-governance contributes powerfully to our sense of collegiality and teamwork and gives us a sense of control over our own destination. Self-governance is also an important avenue through which physicians of The Vancouver Clinic grow personally and professionally.

All physicians at the clinic start out as Associate Physicians for their first two years. Recommendations for partnership are made by the department to the Board of Directors. Our physicians enjoy the advantage of being owners in their own business, gaining opportunity to shape the policies that govern their work life.

Shareholders have the opportunity to be elected to the 10 member Board of Directors. The Vancouver Clinic takes pride in being a professional association of physicians that is locally owned and governed. Our commitment to this organizational structure requires the active involvement of dedicated physician and administrative leaders. These leaders willingly contribute their time and talent to ensure that the organization continues to be a stimulating professional environment that emphasizes patient service and exceptionally high quality patient care while we continue to grow and thrive.

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