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  • Fast, Convenient, and Efficient—the Virtual Career Fair Is a Must for Your Next Job Search

    • Jun 15, 2021

    Whether you are a resident or fellow seeking your first job out of training or a seasoned mid-career professional looking to make a savvy career move, time management is a job search necessity.

  • Career Networking—During a Pandemic?

    • Nov 25, 2020

    For health care providers, the practice of networking can frequently become an afterthought. If you attend professional get-togethers regularly, such as the AAN’s Annual Meeting, a certain amount of networking is going to happen naturally.

  • Working the Room(s)—Job Search Networking Tips for Professional Conferences

    • Apr 8, 2020

    Picture this: You’ve come to the American Academy of Neurology’s Annual Meeting, or any other neurology conference, on a mission of sorts. You want to meet up with your colleagues, yes, and of course you want to learn about new developments in neurology. But in the back of your mind, there’s another thought brewing. What if you were to find a great job this week, or at least the lead for one?

  • Networking for Neurologists: Use a Three-ring Approach to Create Contacts, Friends, and Mentors

    • Jan 21, 2020

    If you’ve read any career or job search advice lately, then you know how frequently networking is prescribed as the solution to your problems or the pathway to your goals. When you add up all the curative powers of this one process, it’s almost as if networking were the career equivalent of eating your apples and broccoli to stay healthy. There’s just one problem: Knowing about networking isn’t the same as knowing how to network.

  • Annual Meeting Networking: Good for All Stages of Your Career

    • Jan 21, 2020

    If your purpose for attending is to present information to fellow neurology professionals, learn from others who are presenting, meet up with friends and colleagues, or make the acquaintance of neurologists you haven’t met yet, you’re about to engage in networking without needing to call it that. So in fact, you may be thinking deeply about this important career-building process

  • One Doctor's 15-year Perspective on Networking at the Annual Meeting

    • Apr 7, 2015

    For Natalia Rost, MD, FAAN, associate professor of neurology for Harvard Medical School, there’s no place she’d rather be each spring. A veteran of at least 15 Annual Meetings, Dr. Rost first attended as a medical student, urged on by advisors who saw her interest in neurology. Once there, Dr. Rost quickly connected with the newly forming Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) and began affiliations that have lasted her career.